Gourd Art, & Pine Needle Basketry can be both beautiful and functional.  

These ancient forms of Art, have many applications.

Vase, Toys, Containers, Musical instruments. 

Bird houses.


Eye Catching works of Art


Both modern and ancient art forms, for your home.  The natural organic feel.


Can be adopted to fit both modern and classic homes.   

Coffee table statement piece 


Wedding table center pieces, each piece is one of a kind and original.

Custom features:   Pine needles




Feathers (turkey, peacock, guinea, partridge, Burnt  Coque, etc)

Gem Stones

Seeds / Seed pods

Drift wood 


Birdhouse (garden feature) 


Cost range from $45.   to $150.

Honey Hill Arts does commission work. Below is a sample of my work.


Please contact me for more details.