Who is Donna Foster?  

     I reside in beautiful Hamilton, New York, home of Colgate University.   I have always loved working with my hands, and creating art with natural materials.  My Grandmother and Mother have had a huge part in cultivating a talent to paint, sculpt, carve, weave, Upholster, sew, and build. Whatever crazy idea I had they would back me up.  
             So years ago I started having as a goal to learn something new each year. I've been a Honeybee Keeper for years,  hence the name of my business, name "Honey Hill Arts". Gardening and canning our vegetables, keeping chickens. Growing hard shelled gourds, drying them, and them turning them into baskets woven with Long ( 18") Pine needles.
            Learning the process of Cold Process Soap  was a very natural thing to do. I have throughly grown to love making soap.  It seems to continue the theme of my life, making things to make ones home more comfortable, and it's so much better for you than commercial soap, mass made as cheaply as they can.  If it's in the power of your hands  to make everyday more pleasant reach out for it.  
        Are you getting married, thinking about having something unique for your guest, something that is earth friendly, and very useful.  Try  monogrammed soap, designed by the Bride and Groom.  You can send a person message,  have your wedding date, or your new initials.    The recipe can be as unique as you, nut free vegan friendly, or coconut free, Color or no color.
          Baby showers are always fun, have you thought about a special gift for your guest.  Soaps in the shape of a baby bottle, or a pacifier, the ideas are endless.
        I ship all over the U.S.A.  any questions please feel free to ask.
        Have you ever thought what it takes to make handmade soap?  A lot of planning to begin with, and having everything ready to go is very important.  Then you have ran your recipe through a soap calculator ( yes there is such a thing) which tells you the EXACT amount of oils you will need to your water /lye mixture.  The goal is to have your oils go through a chemical reaction called saponification (turn to soap).  It's complicated, but your not done yet. You has to blend the lye/water into the oils, NEVER the other way around.   After unmolding and cutting the slab into bars, you have to allow them to cure 4 -6 weeks.  Only after this is the soap safe to use.  
      Sounds confusing, it is ... it's easier just to purchase a great bar of artist soap from Honey Hill Arts, I love doing it all.

Check out USB Web design he's done a great job, working and designing my web site.  Very patient, and knowledgable.  Looking out for your welfare, so you can reach your goals.

This is run by the nicest couple who have put there heart and soul into making your stay the most comfortable and delicious possible. The setting is beautiful and historic. Honey Hill Arts soap is enjoyed here


Great Beer and Great Food, set right in the beautiful village of Hamilton NY home of Colgate University . A must see and taste. Honey Hill Arts soap is sold here


Marshall insurance has served the Village of Hamilton for years and is always a helpful enjoyable place to do business.Honey Hill Arts Soaps are enjoyed here.

evergreen gallery1.jpg

Lauri Shoemaker, owner of Evergreen Gallery is fantastic to work with.  Very knowledgable and kind.  Her store has a array of great gift ideas, from local artist,  pottery, soap, wood, jewelry, a must to visit. Honey Hill Soaps are sold here.

The village of Hamilton, N.Y. has a tight knit community which supports local business.   I've enjoyed working with Marshall Insurance Agency, Evergreen Gallery, Hamilton Inn, & Good Nature Brewery.   Making custom soap for their unique business needs.  I would to thank them for their support.  

      If you own a  Bed & Breakfast have you considered having your own custom guest soaps with your logo.

     Honey Hill Arts will work with you to make your Bed & Breakfast stand out even more.